Reagan Barron

Sales Partner

Meet Reagan,

Reagan got her start in real estate as an investor 12 years ago when she purchased her first multi-family investment property. Since then she has been scouring the master plans and zoning requirements of local towns to find the information that will get the deal and get it done, fast. Thanks to years of wrangling contractors, town officials and neighbors, Reagan has become a tough and graceful negotiator. Her red tape-busting know-how of processes, and an overall cool and calm attitude, always prevail.

Specializing in sourcing and selling off-market properties, Reagan is a valuable asset for both sellers and buyers. She provides a unique skill of analyzing deals through multiple exit strategies, maximizing ROI for her clients in the fastest way possible. As the local, we lean on Reagan’s knowledge and strong relationships to dig up the deals and creative spaces. The daughter of a well-known interior designer, design is something Reagan has lived and she brings that creativity into each transaction. Filling gaps as project manager and designer for her clients on many occasions, she brings that entrepreneurial spirit to her client relations and loves a like-minded risk taker with big ideas.

Reagan loves to travel and languages, speaking Spanish. She is very active in her church community and her weekends are spent with her husband and two young children in Red Bank or most certainly somewhere along a shore-line.